Mikio L. Braun

TU Berlin, MAR 4-1
Marchstra├če 23 (Room MAR4058)
10587 Berlin

Phone: (+49) 030 314 78627
PGP Key: CAD0B600

Brief Resumé

I received pre-diplomas (~B.Sc.) in Mathematics and Computer Science and a diploma (~M.Sc.) in Computer Science from the University of Bonn. From 2000 to 2004, I was a research assistant and Ph.D. student in the CVPR group headed by Prof. Buhmann at the University of Bonn. In May 2004, I have joined the Intelligent Data Analysis Group headed by Klaus-Robert Müller at the Fraunhofer Institute FIRST in Berlin, Germany. In January 2007, I moved to the Technical University of Berlin branch of the IDA Group. In 2010, I co-founded TWIMPACT, a start-up company focused on real-time analysis of social media data.

Research Interests

Current Interests

Past Interests

"Political" Interests


Here is a short list of the projects I've already worked on. ("Worked on" means that I was paid by these projects, and/or was responsible for the part of the project of the respective institution.)

University of Bonn (1995-2004)

Fraunhofer Institute FIRST (2004-2007)

Technical Universtiy of Berlin (2007-)

Technically, my position is paid for by the university (Haushaltsstelle), so I'm not on the payroll of any specific project.

TWIMPACT (2010-)

Twimpact, our start-up-on-the-side, is concerned with real-time social media stream analysis.